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It was a project that was already developed, so there were many things to do first, such as setting up. Thanks to your kind and active work, it went smoothly.


It was very difficult for me to ask for a speed improvement of the site in the situation where the shopping mall was implemented now. (Site speed also depends on how you feel) Your partner understood what you wanted and did what you could. And I don't know much about it, so you answered the questions well in detail. It was a short period of work, but I'm very satisfied with the speed of the shopping mall since you worked on it. Morish also told me well about what to check to maintain the speed of the site in the future, and you made the guidelines in a pdf file.


I had no knowledge of the development side, and I left the production request without much concept of design. The project went well because the developer kindly explained the development-related part and helped me with the design (ux,ui). The part of the project had to be changed due to security issues during the project, but you gave me a good suggestion and accepted my proposal well, so I found the best agreement and solved it.

Hyunmin Yoo

fit the latest trend and applied them to the project well.